What is Medical Transports? Medical transportation can be viewed as a certain type of transportation that is available to serve an individual that is ill. It is a company that will transport people if they are experiencing a medical situation. The ambulance or helicopter would be used in extreme medical situations. Medical transport is available to transport people who are having a health crisis or situation. Air medical escort is available for an emergency situation as well as a non-emergency situation. long distance medical transportation services

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency transportation is reserved for individuals who do have a medical situation. This would mean that they are having a medical issue that needs attention. This transportation is available if the person is not able to drive themselves to seek medical care. The non-emergency transportation proves to be very beneficial for the following medical situations that prevent a person from driving themselves.

The following scenarios are:

*A drug interaction

*Allergic reaction

*Alert but experiencing extreme pain



A non-emergency medical transportation could include many examples. These are three particular reasons that a person would need non-emergency medical transportation. There are numerous benefits to using non-emergency medical transportation.

These benefits include:non emergency medical transportation

*It is cost effective

*Safety on the way to seeking medical care

*To have trained people available to assist on the way

*This service allows for independent living-this proves beneficial to have this service available- The non-ambulance transportation does give an individual the opportunity to seek out medical attention in a safe manner.

Ambulance Services

Ambulance services are excellent and prove to be a very wise choice in a medical emergency. The ambulance will provide the main benefit of safety to an emergency medical situation. Ambulance services are for those individuals that have a medical necessity. There are numerous health benefits for using an ambulance service.

These benefits include:

*The benefit of saving your life

*Quick and safe medical treatment

*Trained medical staff to assist in the medical emergency


*The cleared traffic on the way to seeking medical treatment

The benefits of contacting an ambulance may be forgotten during a health crisis. There are many people who will make the claim that they do not need an ambulance. The rule of thumb is “when in doubt call for an ambulance.” There have been many individuals who made the choice to not seek ambulance service. There are various reasons that people in medical crisis choose not to seek assistance. These reasons vary. It may be due to embarrassment, financial reasons or simply denying the medical emergency all together. The sad truth is that many people have lost their lives by not using an ambulance.

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